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Ms Walker’s Kindergarten Class Distance Learner Award - Cash Holfeltz Citizenship Award - Isaac Perez-Nieves Principal Award -  Julianna Holmes
Distance Learner Award - Gael Reveles  Citizenship Award - Ava Herrera Cook  Principal Award - Freya Hendrix
Mrs. Megan Walker’s Class Distance Learner Award - Liam Olmstead
Distance Learner Award - Beatrice Martin Citizenship Award - Nina Preissler Principal Award -  Mahina Ceja
Distance Learner Award - Kyle Theison Citizenship Award - Natalia Valadez Principal Award - Mackenzie Valadez
Distance Learner Award - Camila Lupian Soto Citizenship Award - Alina Mendez Principal Award - Jocelyn Alarcon Gonzalez
Distance Learner Award - Quinn Keown Citizenship Award - Victorino Garcia Strehl Principal Award - Guillermo Huey Malfavon
Distance Learner Award - Addison Walker Citizenship Award - Joseph Rust Principal Award -  Perla Leon PE Award - Walker Clark Students who have met Reading Goals Addison Walker with 43,030 words read Our Class has read a total of 1,271,782 words
Distance Learner Award - Fidel Perez Mora Citizenship Award - Hector Figueroa Ramirez Principal Award - Unique Morgan-Perdue Student of the Month - Keily Andrade-Andrade
PE Award - Juan Segura Valadez Distance Learner Award - Christopher Zarza-Zarza Citizenship Award - Jude Carlton Principal Award - Silas Eutsy Student of the Month - Josue Manzanares
Citizenship Award - Geovanni Lopez Perez Principal Award - Owen Sapien
Distance Learner Award - Gage Waller Citizenship Award - Kayden Bryant PE Award - Garrison Sapien Principal Award - Angel Flores Andrade
Distance Learner Award -	   Kody Piceno Citizenship Award -   Vania Armendariz  Principal Award -  Ariana Guzman
Distance Learner Award - Roxy Cabezas Sandoval Citizenship Award - Jayden Granados Reyes Principal Award - Mykenzie Irvin
Citizenship Award - Ximena Perez-Maya     PE Award - Cynthia Rodriguez Distance Learner Award - Allison Raya     Principal Award - Mia Costello Student of the Month - Caiden Andrews and Zyrina Faith Galli
Distance Learner Award - Boyd Lazinto Citizenship Award - Teresa Huey Malfavon Principal Award - Phoebe West
Distance Learner Award - Belen Figueroa-Ramirez Citizenship Award - Kendall Arreguin Principal Award - Evelyn Flores Gonzalez
Distance Learner Award - Alexxa Ayala-Vega Citizenship Award - Jesus Hernandez Mendoza Principal Award - Skyler Rossiter

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Vaping Presentation for Parents and Guardians

Here is a presentation to help educate your kids about the dangers of vaping. Topics covered include examples of how the industry is marketing to children, what the products look like, and data about tobacco and cannabis use among students in California and at Ukiah Unified. Please use this as a guide for discussions with your children about the dangers of vaping.