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Volunteer Application Process

In UUSD, we believe in prioritizing student safety and improving our process for processing and clearing volunteers.  We are making every effort to enhance our student’s experience while ensuring that safety is the highest priority.  The Volunteer Chaperone Clearance process has been implemented as an additional safety measure to ensure an appropriate level of screening for adult volunteers.  The application process will provide a better and more systematic way of tracking adults who volunteer on our school campuses.  

No volunteer shall be assigned to supervise or instruct students unless he/she has submitted evidence of a TB examination within the past 60 days to determine that he/she is free of active tuberculosis. Volunteers who test negative shall thereafter be required to take a tuberculosis test every four (4) years in accordance with Education Code 49406.  The Superintendent holds the right to grant an exception.  A TB test can be performed by your primary physician or the Mendocino County Public Health Department.  If you would like to seek an exception for the TB test requirement, please contact the HR department at (707) 472-5030 or discuss this when you complete your background check.

To protect the safety of students, District staff will check the Department of Justice's Megan's Law website to verify that persons who wish to volunteer are not required to register as a sex offender pursuant to Penal Code 290.  

Adults who wish to volunteer on a school campus, drive and/or chaperone a day and/or overnight field trip and/or athletic coaching need to apply using the Google form that is linked on your school's website or the district website.  In the application, you will need to designate one or more schools where you wish to perform volunteer hours, identify activities and/or events, identify if you are seeking driver approval, and schedule an appointment to complete a background check for clearance with the Department of Justice (DOJ) with the Human Resources Department.  UUSD has made arrangements to cover the cost of LiveScan (fingerprinting services), and volunteers are required to cover the cost of their TB examination.  Once a volunteer has been fingerprinted via LiveScan for UUSD, they will not need to be fingerprinted again.  This is a one-time requirement and will not have to be completed on an annual basis.

In order to be an approved driver for UUSD, you must consent to a DMV driving record pull notice with the CA DMV, complete the UUSD Private Vehicle Use Form, and return it signed to your school site main office.  The District expects that your vehicle is in safe operating condition.  Driver approval forms can be obtained from your student’s school site secretary in the main office.  Verification of adequate insurance is required.  Driver insurance liability limit requirements can be found on the UUSD Private Vehicle Use Form.  The school site secretary will follow up with all volunteer applicants once approval is confirmed.  

Please be aware, parent/guardian chaperones, if providing supervision on school-sponsored trips or field trips, are not permitted to bring along siblings of trip attendees or any other children.  Volunteers are expected to understand and adhere to a Volunteer Responsibilities Agreement.


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