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Photo Album

Photos of our awesome students!

September Students of the Month 1st photo Jayden Granados Reyes 4th Grade Ms. Gonzalez 2nd photo Cian Cruz 4th Grade Ms. Armstrong 3rd photo Gabriela Torres-Rodriguez 5th Grade Ms. Angeli 4th photo Jordan Torres-Macondog 5th Grade Mr. Delgado
Thank you Nokomis PTO!! Ms. Dunlap\'s Class
Thank you Nokomis PTO!! Ms. Walker\'s Class
October Students of the Month Left to right: Principal Tom Rawles, Charlot Happy Commander (5th grade Ms Ibbotson)  Luisana Chavez-Garcia (5th grade Mr Delgado) Andrew Hernandez (5th grade Ms Angeli)  and Robin Mai ( 4th grade Ms Armstrong)
Thank you Nokomis PTO! Ms. Bergmann\'s Class
Halloween Parade
Holidays with the  Fratello Marionettes Assembly  Brought to our students by Nokomis PTO
Holidays with the  Fratello Marionettes Assembly  Brought to our students by Nokomis PTO
UHS Marching Band at Nokomis on Halloween Day!
Pictures taken by Cian Cruz
Picture taken by Cian Cruz
Native American Cultural Activities in  Ms. Angeli’s 5th Grade Classroom On Wednesday, December 7, 2022 Theo came into the classroom to share his knowledge about Native American Tribal cultures emphasizing his own Pomo culture. He shared some artifacts that he has collected and traded over the years that are significant and important to him and Pomo culture. Artifacts: an arrowhead, soaproot brush, turtle shell, a cheetah whistle, and a beaded necklace made by Theo for his daughter
Nokomis students and staff were delighted by the beautiful Christmas carols played by the UHS Choir!  Thank you for bringing joy to Nokomis!
Ms. Gonzalez  4th Grade Students Crazy/Hat Day January 27, 2023
Congratulations! Nokomis School New Reading Millionaire Robin Mai
Ms. Walker’s Kindergarten Class
Mr. Rawles reading to Ms. Walker’s Kindergarten Class
Green eggs and ham in  Ms. Walker’s Class